Technical Information
"The certification of the Chameleon Process on your product will depend upon the specific application, but generally the approach is the same whatever the material combination. Chameleon Products have written the following document and undertaken an extensive set of certification tests to ensure total Customer satisfaction."

Detailed Certification - Aviation
The Chameleon Process is effectively a painted and printed surface. When introducing this process the relevant aviation authority would therefore wish to be satisfied that the flammability test properties of the coated surface meet the regulatory requirements for the aircraft. Chameleon recommends that Customers talk frankly to their local airworthiness representatives and negotiate a test program for implementation that satisfies the requirements before production commences. It is likely that the general flammability testing that has been carried out on the product by Chameleon will be accepted as proof. This testing shows that the Chameleon Process passes the latest FAR 25 853 requirements for flammability, toxicity, smoke density and OSU on composite board, polycarbonate and Schneller aeroform.

These tests have, of course, been carried out using Chameleon recommended paints, lacquers and finishes on specific proprietary substrates. It may be that, due to the composition of the product that is coated, the airworthiness authority requests a tailored test. Chameleon’s experience has shown that the Process has very little effect on the flammability values of the original surfaces. Chameleon will work with the Customer to provide either test specimens or flammability reports for each application as required.

AIM Composites
AIM Composites Ltd has a fully equipped CAA approved test facility at their Cambridge site and can offer a wide range of test services:

Fire Testing
Heat Release Rate (OSU)
Smoke Emission (NBS)
Flammability testing to airworthiness standards

The above fire testing is available to Airbus, Boeing and other company standards.
Enviromental Tests
To achieve a step change in interior look many Customers choose to use the Chameleon Process on surfaces that are touched by the passengers or are very visible. We appreciate that there are many environmental factors that, although not certification items, would affect the decision to use the Chameleon Process if not complied with. Chameleon has tested the following parameters on Composite board, polyurethane and Schneller aeroform with excellent results:

- Abrasion Testing to Federal Test Method 191
- Scratch Resistance to ISO1518
- Contaminant Tested For Grape Juice, Coke, Cleaning Agents, Pencil, BallPoint Pen and Nicotine
- Cyclic Humidity Tested 95% humidity at 35°C for 12 hrs, then dried in oven 45°C for 12 hrs, 10 cycles
- Adhesion Tested
- Temperature cycled -54°C to 55°C 20 times

The above is an extensive set of environmental test parameters. This proves that the Chameleon Process is both durable and free from the detrimental effects that some traditional wood surfaces suffer when VIP aircraft are stowed for long periods. Chameleon appreciates that due to the extensive range of applications possible, other tests may be required by Customers. In partnership with laboratories throughout Europe , Chameleon are willing to recommend test procedures or test facilities that can undertake such plans. Chameleon will also carry out the testing on behalf of the Customer if required.

Whatever the application, the Chameleon Process will almost certainly pass any flammability
or environmental requirements, provided the substrate was previously approved to do so. The above certification testing proves the suitability and versatility of the Chameleon Process for infinite application possibilities globally.