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Sunday, March 19 2017


We are pleased to announce a new set of décor designs. Koalescence will enable us to offer our customers a truly unique adorned patterns that are not available anywhere. We have developed our new patterns to address the changing demands of designers and customers. One of the biggest advantages of Koalescence is its ability to create a new form of marquetry which will enable customers to reduce costs and lead times for products that require this look but at the same time will have a bespoke look. Customers working with us can submit their own designs or ideas and together we can create their own interior décor look.

Koalescence design samples have been manufactured and will be available to view with us at the Aircraft interiors Show in Hamburg in April To arrange a confidential meeting with us at the show please contact us


Emirates have refreshed their excellent A380 on board lounge further enhancing the travel experience. Chameleon were involved with certain décor aspects of the project with our partners and have helped create a new look for the area.

Tuesday, July 19 2016

Intoducing FAMOKUSH

A new and exciting offering from Chameleon Famokush is a soft cushioned product ideal for monuments and walls

Chameleon today has launched another product called Famokush, the product is a combination of its soft man made skin product combined with a fire retardant foam or soft structure. The product is seen as an ideal product for monuments and has many uses , the product has passed aviation standards CS25.853 nd is available is 13 colours and several formats


Monday, December 28 2015

FAMOCOAT passes CS25.853 and ABD0031

We are please to announce that another one of our new materials has succesfully passed CS25.853 (a) 12 and 60 second vertical burn warp and Weft, CS25.853(d) Amd 17 heat release,ABD0031 and D6-51377 Smoke Emission and Toxic gas Emission.

Famocoat is a innovative material that can now be applied to all aviation monuments and sidewalls.

Famocoat is supplied on a roll of 137cm wide and has a white technical pattern or a beige technical pattern which is idea for many applications, the product is applied by an adhesive or can be supplied with an adhesive backing.


Famoskin The new material covering

We are pleased to announce that our new product Famoskin has passed CS25.853(a) 60 second and 12 second vetical burn testing in addition CS25.853(d) Smoke emission and ABD0031 iss F and D6-51377 Rev G.

The Famoskin product feels like a very soft leather, is available in several colours and is supplied on a roll of 144CM wide and is .8mm thick, this new and exciting product can be used as a soft covering or for seat covers.


Friday, September 11 2015

The World's First Bed in Economy

Chameleon and Flying Service today launched the ESP Xtra seat, the World's first bed in economy.

The seat which is an extension of the ESP seat launched earlier this year comprises of a forward and aft facing unit which creates a full double bed in economy class enabling passengers to travel in comfort and can also be used as a crew rest.

The world's first economy bed suite is something new and different and will offer an enhanced customer experience and generate a new area of travel comfort for families.

the ESP Xtra seat can be supplied to all aircraft types and when not in the extended mode can be used as a normal economy seat.


Tuesday, February 17 2015

The ESP seat featuring Paul Smith Material

Chameleon have collaborated with Flying Service, a UK aircraft seat manufacturer, to create ESP.

Flying Service have been producing aircraft seats for over 50 years for all types of aircraft.

The aircraft seat which converts from a standard economy seat into a lounge type seat allows passengers a greater comfort zone and is ideal for adults traveling with children as the seat enables sleeping or relaxing positions.

Chameleon created the name, brand and overall athestics of the seat and selected material designed by iconic British designer Sir Paul Smith for the seat covers, the subtle pinstripes and larger use of coloured stripes add dimension and emphasise the extended seat area plus the addition of the ESP Designer Class option allows airlines to create a new area class inside the cabin.

The ESP Designer Class seat is the first in a range that could feature established and new designers to the aviation sector.

The ESP seat can generate considerable new revenue for airlines by utilising unsold seats on flights allowing passengers to book the seats or the seat can be used as an upgrade or part of a loyalty program.

The simplicity of design and engineering allows the seat to convert into a lounger in 24 seconds and can be done by passengers so no crew involvement is required

Visit for more details.

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Sunday, December 1 2013

Chameleon add visualisations

We are pleased to offer our customers a visualisation service allowng us to create interior renders and 3 dimensional walk through films of a design interior concept.A recent project involved us creating over 20 renders and two films bringing the required interior design to life.